Your pastor needs
a vacation!

Thousands of pastors are hanging on by a thread.
Join our cause to send every pastor on vacation.

Mobile App Features:

  • Offer an array of vacation homes to Pastors in need of rest.
  • Easy on-boarding for hosts to list their vacation home
  • Calendar syncing with existing platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc.
  • Payment processing to collect any fees required (cleaning fees, damage deposits, etc.)
  • Messaging between Pastors and hosts

Mobile App Coming February 2023

PastorStays Values:

  • BE THE BLESSING: We believe respite is important to the emotional and spiritual health of pastors and their families. Vacation homeowners can make a lasting impact by simply offering their vacation home to those working in ministry.
  • GOOD STEWARDSHIP: We believe in biblical stewardship in how it pertains to leaving a home better than we found it. Pastors will agree to honor and respect the homes that are offered on our platform.
  • FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Financial accountability and integrity is important. PastorStays requires service fees in order to operate this platform. We will always be transparent about fees and how they contribute toward the platform, and our hosts who generously offer their homes.
  • COMMUNITY: We encourage working with several denominations, networks and ministry groups that value biblical authority and practice. Together, we can continue to expand this community of generosity

“According to Barna 1,700 Pastors leave the ministry due to burn out or exhaustion EVERY MONTH! The burden of PastorStays is to change this reality. Give life to pastors and their families”

Stan Russell


Lord, help PastorStays create a place where pastors would stay…..stay faithful to God, stay close to their families, stay spiritually healthy and stay effective in ministry”

Jana Jones

Founder of PastorStays